Cindy Sharp-  Self- Love Therapist
 Engaging Speaker /  Inspiring Author /  Quirky Loving Human  & Founder of "The Self-Loved Life"

Cindy Sharp - Self -Love Therapist 

As a quirky rule breaker, change maker and a light to all that know her -her moving stories of being born with a rare birth defect, wealthy at times, abused, homeless at the age of 17, on occasion very rebellious and eventually self-loved, she inspires all who meet her.

Cindy, shines a bright light in a fun-filled, loving way in all she does; she loves to sprinkle her stories in her teachings.


One thing she learned along the way was that never giving up, moving forward with love and laughing was the journey to finding herself, her spirit and her true calling;

Intuitive Self-Love Therapy.  


Cindy brings with her a pack of knowledge with an intuitive approach.

In her talks she shares stories that will uplift your soul,  in a creative, entertaining and thought- provoking, heartfelt loving way. You will leave knowing that you were born for greatness and will change the way you think about yourself, your life path and your personal  human-soul connection forever.


What is a Intuitive Self- Love Therapy?

In Intuitive Therapy, Cindy will guide you, deeper into the unconscious layers of stored emotions,help you lean in to your souls worth and find total love for your amazing human,so you can get closer to your soul to bring to awareness what needs to be seen,released and healed.

Cindy always says "You can't heal, what you cant see"

Her Client's say, it's like having an angel in your therapy session whispering "Grow, Love, Grow"

Cindy's credentials and accomplishments

Accredited Spiritual Counselor 


Certified Life Coach 

Uplifting Author

Inspirational Speaker

Certified Laughter Yoga Leader

Winner of the prestigious corporate Speaker Extraordinaire Award

Cindy, has a foundation that supports people with a birth defect called Poland Syndrome, the same birth defect cindy was born with. 





P.S. "You are Loved" - Living the life of inspiration,living with Poland Syndrome

Cindy is the author of a Chicken Soup for the Soul inspirational style book, all the proceeds go to, children and, young adults that were born with the birth defect Poland Syndrome.